Metro Care Human Services is a new cultural specific organization with the focus of providing psychosocial and mental health services to the diverse adult minority populations especially the refugee and immigrants from Sub Saharan Africa (West and central African).

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services: As defined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services:

The ARMHS means mental health services which are rehabilitative and enable the recipient to develop and enhance psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal and emotional adjustment, and independent living and community skills, when these abilities are impaired by the symptoms of mental illness. Adult rehabilitative mental health services are also appropriate when provided to enable a recipient to retain stability and functioning, if the recipient would be at risk of significant functional decompensation or more restrictive service settings without these services.

Adult rehabilitative mental health services instruct, assist, and support the recipient in areas such as: interpersonal communication skills, community resource utilization and integration skills, crisis assistance, relapse prevention skills, health care directives, budgeting and shopping skills, healthy lifestyle skills and practices, cooking and nutrition skills, transportation skills, medication education and monitoring, mental illness symptom management skills, household management skills, employment-related skills, and transition to community living services.

When the symptoms of mental illness get in the way of an individual’s ability to live a meaningful life, ARMHS* can help.

Our intent at the Metro Care’ ARMHS program is to assist individuals/Africans immigrants in their efforts to achieve personal goals. Each of our clients establishes an individual relationship with a mental health practitioner. Together they create a personalized plan to help guide the client toward developing the skills required to reach specific objectives and goals.

Metro Care mental health practitioners provide services in the clients’ homes and/or in the community. Their role is to "do with" the individuals with whom they work, not to "do for" them. By modeling, coaching, encouraging, and teaching skills, our clients are able to develop a belief in their own ability to achieve what may have seemed unattainable before.

Metro Care believes that collaboration with our clients’ families, friends, and involved professionals is essential. Our clients’ ability to retain the skills they learn will be enhanced by others’ understanding of the objectives our clients intend to reach.

Metro Care has established partnerships with community service agencies that allow us to readily access resources that will benefit our clients. We strive to maintain relationships with Social Services, Corrections, housing, and employment sources, in an attempt to advocate for our clients in the most effective possible method.

ARMHS classes have been developed to address life skills that are recognized as frequent barriers for many of our clients. The following classes are currently available to our ARMHS clients:

  • Social Skills and Building Relationships
  • Anger and Stress Management
  • Mind Over Mood (emotional regulation)
  • Relapse Prevention